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Sisto Pascale was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on October 13, 1965. When he was just five years old he migrated with his family to the U.S until October 1987. 

At a very early age, he began to study art and participated in numerous art contests and workshops. By the age of 18, he had achieved many recognitions for his works to include the Scholastic Art Awards finalist with 2 gold keys, a painting at the Goddard Space Flight Center’s collection, finalist at the Kennedy Center’s Readers Digest Art Contest, ASTAG art awards. He also won scholarships from the Corcoran Art College, the Maryland College of Art and Design (now School of Ar 1t & Design at Montgomery College), including an Associates's Degree in Fine Arts. 

In 1992 he established his Art Studio and began teaching. His works have been exhibited in art galleries and Museums both in Uruguay and abroad.

During the last thirty years, he has also made it possible for over 10,500 children, adolescents and adults to somehow be involved in his continuous art projects, thanks to the collaboration of many companies and his students. In his studio, he has taught over 4000 students. He has worked hard in helping change the way art is taught in Uruguay through his lectures, conferences and art projects where he has made many aware of the importance of art and how it should be part of our day to day life.

Sisto has worked as an art consultant to many private firms and embassies including the U.S. Embassy in Montevideo. 

In 2007, as part of the celebrations for 20 years of exceptional work in Uruguay, he had five successful art exhibits. His artwork inaugurated the new Carnival Museum in February and then he was asked by the U.S. Embassy to do a one-man show for President Bushes’ recent visit to Uruguay. He also participated in a collective art exhibit, celebrating Punta del Estes's 100th birthday at the Mantra Casino Hotel. Fripur, Uruguay’s leading fishing company, asked him to do a one-man art exhibit at Montevideo’s Sheraton Hotel. More recently, at the Uruguayan Presidential Executive Office: “Libertad” Palace, he did a one-man show, honoring the twenty most popular Uruguayan writers, illustrating their short tales works for children. The exhibit consisted of one watercolor illustration framed with a fragment of either a legend or a short story about Uruguay. The main goal of this project was to bring back to light those forgotten writers that almost every Uruguayan adult read in their childhood. The Methodology illustrates the tales with watercolor painting and this made the audience more involved in the reading process, mixing two arts. The exhibit was for all age groups, but it was mainly focused on children. The exhibit was visited by many schools with the purpose of promoting reading and art appreciation. That main goal was certainly achieved.

To see more on how Sisto works check out the videos posted on youtube, channel “pascaleart”. One can watch a documentary on Sisto's life.

During the years 2008 – 2018 

Horizonte School for children with cerebral paralysis, organized and directed over 150 artists trained in his studio to do 120 murals. In eight hours the ……………

Solo exhibit “El Camino-The Way” at Uruguay's National Soccer Museum, Estadio Centenario in Montevideo Uruguay. This exhibit was declared of National Interest by the President of Uruguay.

Day of mural painting at Punta de Rieles prison, working with the idea of “Values and Prison” the inmates were trained to work as a group and decórate the Yoga School within the jail.

Conference at Montevideos National Art Museums auditorium, the conference was titled, “Man, His Art and The Evolution of Art in Time”.

Three conferences Asociation of Notaries of Uruguay, Naval Club, Nautilus Club.

Day of “Home Made Kites” (two years in a row) with the “Cessaro Berisso Foundation” for children of the Uruguayan Air Force employees. Took place at Uruguayan Air Force Academy, art, family, and values. This took place with the help of Sistos students.

Organized and wrote and directed a play, group exhibit and documentary on “Candombe” declared part of world heritage. This event counted with the support of the Presidency of the Senate of Uruguay, the exhibit took place at Uruguay's Palacio Legislativo (Congress).

Lecture at Howard University on Art, Uruguay and its customs. Lecture on art, color, and composition at Montgomery College.

Solo Exhibit and Art Lecture and Clinic at Uruguayan Embassy Washington D.C.. He gave six art courses at the Manuel Zapata